Things that most moms don’t like to talk about after giving birth

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Today, I just want to share some of my thoughts about what most mommies don’t like to talk about after giving birth. Well, maybe a lot of these are things that are a bit embarrassing. But you know what, these are things that I wish I knew in advance so I could mentally prepare for them. Currently, I’m pregnant with a second baby and I figured why not share what I know. It’s a good reminder for me before giving birth to this baby.

Few things to expect after giving birth.
Breastfeeding is 10 times harder than giving birth. Even though I never hear any mom talking about it. Everyone always talks about how scary and painful labor is. But after the baby arrives you tend to forget about the pain right away. Not so much breastfeeding or breast pumping. I made a decision to breastfeed and pump for our daughter Clara until she turned one since that’s the most critical year for an infant. For a new mom, here are some things that you have never experienced before. Your breasts get painfully engorged, milk rush pain, nipple sores, mastitis clog ducks infection, and even bleeding.

It takes a few weeks for your uterus to shrink back to normal after birth so your stomach will look like you’re around 7 months pregnant but not like the beautiful round and firm belly. Instead, you have this soft pouch hanging loosely, especially if you’re normally quite small. I don’t recommend wearing those cute tight dresses that you wore during pregnancy.

OMG bladder leaks will happen, sometimes with just a sneeze or cough. Yes, it’s quite embarrassing. Especially now that I’m pregnant again with my second baby. Sneezing occurs quite often maybe cause it’s allergy season, so I constantly have to use the restroom so I won’t have a leak lol. I’m so excited to partner up with One by Poise® 2-in-1 Protection for Period Weeks and Bladder Leaks™ Now, I’m feeling fresh daily, it’s 10x drier, plus odor control. No matter if I’m home or out and about, bladder leaking is not on my mind like before. Just another perfect product in my self-care routine. You can find it easily at Walmart (LINK HERE) and earn $3 back with Ibotta while supplies last!

Postpartum hormones are out of this world, I tell all my friends’ husbands this all the time. During the 1st few months after birth, their wife is not herself because she might be super hormonal. I mean I remembered there were days I just cried all day for no apparent reason. Well, probably because I was having a hard time with breastfeeding, but didn’t know how to process it. Or I would say crazy things to my husband after being home alone with the baby. I mean just anything can trigger it. I’m glad I didn’t hold anything in and talked to people around me. So many moms were surprised I talked about those crazy hormonal days, and they’re glad to hear about it so they didn’t go through it alone.

With products like One by Poise® 2-in-1 Protection for Period Weeks and Bladder Leaks™ you can focus on what really matters at the moment, and not worry about the “what if” moments. These new products are super easy to grab from your local Walmart whether it is in-store or with pickup/delivery. Stay prepared moms!

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