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Hey guys,
Got some questions for you. Are you ready for the holiday? Are you already done with the decorations? Do you like to host holiday gathering or just like attending them?

If you have been following me for a while now you know that I’m a Christmas fanatic. I love the holiday spirit, the decorations, the music, and the gathering. I have a little recommendation for you as what I’ve been doing for most of our gatherings over the years. We love shopping at Sam’s Club to get all of our party essentials and food. One treat that I must pick up every gathering, Haagen-Dazs® Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bars 15 packs. The 15 pk is so big and perfect for the Holidays when all of our family is around! Buy them online here! Here

Here some of the reasons why you should pick up a box of Haagen Dazs during next trip to Sam’s Club

  •  Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bars. It’s great for Holiday snacking or desserts. They start with pure, sweet vanilla and blend it with sweet, fresh cream to make our incredibly smooth vanilla ice cream. Then they dip it in a crunchy roasted almond and milk chocolate coating.
  •  Flavored with Madagascar vanilla
  •  Dipped in milk chocolate and roasted almonds
  •  Individually wrapped
  •  Gluten free
  •  Kosher
Haagen Dazs ice cream 15 pack holiday treat

I love decorating our home but it’s quite tiring so I always need an energy boost. So of course I’m grabbing a Haagen-Dazs vanilla milk chocolate almond bar in between.

Haagen dazs ice cream 15 pack holiday treats

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