How to disinfect your home without chlorine bleach

Honest disinfectant spray without chlorine bleach, Honest uses hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient which it’s much safer and kills 99.9% of germs (cold flu and viruses).

This post is in partnership with The Honest Company® , however all opinions are my own.

Hi Guys,

Let’s chat a little about cleaning today. With all the coronavirus going around and we’re getting into flu season. We’re all very active about keeping our home clean and clear of viruses. You guys know that I have a young daughter Clara who just turned 2 years old last month and we have fur babies, Chloe our mini golden doodle, and Nala the tuxedo cat. With that in mind, I have been very adamant about not using harsh chemicals and chlorine bleach around our home. Our dog and daughter are everywhere including the floor, so I don’t want to take any chances with using chlorine bleach. I’ve been searching for alternative disinfectant solutions and even some youtube videos on how to DIY disinfectant spray use hydrogen peroxide. I’ve got good news for you! The Honest Company® is on top of it and came out with a powerful cleaner, deodorizer, and disinfectant antibacterial spray that kills 99.9% of the germs that we come in contact with daily, and effectively fights against the cold + flu viruses. Made without harsh chemicals and chlorine bleach.  

Clara now is at this stage where she wants to get her hands on everything and loves putting things in her mouth, too. She’s in Montessori school and is exposed to 6 kids daily. That means this mommy has to be more diligent with cleaning and disinfecting around the house and her play areas.  Honest Disinfecting Spray is perfect to use in an area where we come in contact with daily like our kitchen/sink area, yes our telephone, doorknobs, high chair, and playroom. With hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient, you should let the product stay on the surface for about 10 mins for it to work its magic. Then wipe it away- no need for washing. Also, for a more effective disinfectant, you need to clean first than apply disinfectant. We always have a bottle or two of hydrogen peroxide in our home, we use it for everything. Cleaning a wound, or gargling it when we have a sore throat to disinfect our mouth. Recently, I learned to use it on my plants to cure root rots. The remaining hydrogen peroxide residue will decompose into oxygen and water.  This is why feel so much safer using Honest disinfectant spray around our home over any other disinfectant spray with chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals. This disinfecting spray cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects- all in one. Here’s a quick video of how I’m using it around our home.

We pick our Honest Disinfecting Spray at Costco because they have this 3 in 1 package deal. This is great because I scatter them around in the kitchen, bathroom, and high traffic areas. Grab yours via here

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