Rachel Vogt Trends | Reveal and Conceal
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Reveal and Conceal

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Kit and Ace Conceal and Reveal dress | Halogen Owen pointy toe Ghillie flats | Givenchy Antigona nude pink

Photo by Ryan Chua

So I found out that I can be stylish and comfy all at the same time with KitandAce clothing. I got the opportunity to collab with the KitandAce in Walnut Creek, CA. KitandAce is created by the same people of Lululemon, they’re recognize for their amazing comfortable workout wears. Lot says it feel like you’re not wearing anything, it feel better than when you’re naked. So that also apply to KitandAce clothing, they’re so comfy that you feel like you’re not wearing anything. One of the key material that they uses is cashmere, which made the clothes so soft to the touch.

This Conceal and Reveal dress is definitely one of my favorite piece. It accentuate the right curves to make you look sexy but yet still conservative. Depending on where you’re going, you can definitely dress it up or down. In this look I paired it with lace-up flats for a girly casual look. For a night out I would just put on a pair of pump and nice jacket. Also, I probably look crazy person sometime cause I tend to petted myself when i’m wearing this dress.

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