Rachel Vogt Trends | Life after child birth and post partum. Winter style with biker jacket
How I wear biker jacket all year round. Also, sharing my life after giving birth.
Pregnancy, New mommy, First time mommy, post partum, biker jacket, River Island
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My life after giving birth

Hi guys,

Let’s chat a little about jacket today before I share with you some life updates. A biker jacket is one of a type of jacket that I can wear all year round. During the cooler months, I love the added faux fur collar. This River Island brown faux suede fur trim biker jacket has been my go-to lately. River Island have the best selection when it comes to jackets and coat, you have to check them out. I will share some of my favorites below.

Since I just gave birth I can’t fit into any of my jeans (lol) so I’ve been living dresses, skirt, shorts and sweats because my thighs are way too big right now. Well, I mostly wearing sweats on the daily since it’s the comfiest. But when I want to look cute, this outfit definitely is doing a good job. Since shorts is what I can wear, this black pearl frill hem tie waist shorts is so cute to dress it up or down? I decided to paired this outfit with these brown suede boots for more of a casual look, but you dress it up with a pair of pump or thigh high boots. This whole outfit is from River Island, shop this look below.


Thanks River Island for sponsoring this post.

It has been a minute since I’m on here, you saw the last post I was still pregnant here. I gave birth to Baby Clara on September 29th, 2018. Clara is our first baby, so this is a huge change in our life. It was a little crazy the last couple of months. Finally, I feel more like myself again after learning more about Clara’s needs, this whole parenting process is not easy. Let’s me start from the beginning. My labor was quite long because of the epidural, it slows down my dilation process quite a bit. But I gotta say I don’t think I can go through the whole labor process without the epidural. So yes, I would get the epidural shot if we have another baby. Clara was ready to come out after a long night waiting, I only had to push for about 15 mins which weren’t that bad. The first 3 weeks was the hardest, being the first time parents we didn’t know what we were doing. Also, had the biggest issue with breastfeeding since Clara was such a big eater. I really want Clara to only breast milk for at least 6 months so I started pumping exclusively after 3 weeks of breastfeeding. Pumping full time is also not the easiest thing since I want to build up my milk supply I pump around the clock for a whole week, then down to 8 times a day, now 7 times a day. With the milk situation solved that made me a lot more relax and I’m more at ease with Clara which helps to relax her, too. What made being a new mom so difficult and not a lot of mom like to talk about it is being so hormonal. Postpartum is not a funny thing, and you can’t understand it until you experience it. Good thing I didn’t have any major depression, having an issue with my breast and feeding Clara made me super hormonal. I had a couple of days where I just sit and cried. Every time I think about feeding her tears just run down my face and there’s nothing that I can do to stop it. The other thing about being a new mom is hard is that your spouse go back to work and you’re stuck at home with your baby. You can’t be home alone and doing this yourself. I’ve been telling all the mom-to-be to make sure they get help for the 1st month or two.

Everyone always tells us it does get better as she gets bigger. I do have to agree, as she getting big every day and we learning more about her thing definitely gotten easier. We made lots of mistakes and learned a lot from it. We hear so many different ways of doing things, and we are trying those different things and see what will work best for us. Seeing her grow every day and rewarding us with her beautiful smiles make it all worth it. Parenting is hard work and no sleep but yet so rewarding. I’m so happy to experience this with Simon, he had been nothing short of spectacular as a new dad and husband. Follow along on IG @rachelvogttrends to see more updates on Clara.

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    Wow, you look lovely in this outfit. Of course, the most important thing is that your smile is infectious.
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