Rachel Vogt Trends | Hipknoties 30 ways dress
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Hipknoties 30 ways dress


Hipknoties Multi Way Midi Dress | Collar Necklace (simliar here & here) | Belt (similar here) | Aquazzura Tango Lace-Up Sandals (similar here) | Stella McCartney Falabella 

Photographer Simon Vogt

Thanks Hipknoties for sponsoring this post.

Dresses are one of my favorite thing to wear. But it’s hard sometime to repeat wearing the same dress over and over, even when you love it right?. I think i’ve found the solution with Hipknoties multi way dress, you can wear this dress in 30 different ways (yes I did say 30, crazy right). Here I wore it in 3 different ways, my husband ran out of patient since I kept on changing this dress into so many different looks :-).

P.S. I’m going to be traveling to Europe on Europe. Iteniary Frankfurt, Germany for couple of days. Then i’m flying to Sardinia, Italy (island south west of Italy) will be here for about a week. From there i’m going to do a quick layover in Sienna for a day to visit a friend. Going to end the trip in Greece (Santorini, and maybe Antipaxos or Mykynos). So make sure to follow me on social (Instagram & InstaStory, Fyuse and FB) to see what i’m up to the next 3 weeks.

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