Rachel Vogt Trends | Happy Friday
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Happy Friday


‘Hello Friday’ Crewneck Lounge Sweater  (sold out but these are too cute Boss Babe, I Hate Morning, Can’t adult today (me everyday), and I definitely didn’t wake up like this| Fine pillow (use code RachelVogt25 for 25% off) – King size sleeping pillow (firm) | EuroKing support pillow

Hello Friday! I don’t want to get out of bed today, who am i kidding i’m don’t want to get out of bed everyday :-). I love sleeping in, what about you? I’m not so much a morning person, especially with these Fine Pillow‘s pillows. It had been almost a year using these pillow, so I want to share my secret with you all. These pillow make me feel like i’m sleeping on clouds, it form to my face and body curvature so well. The giant Euro King pillow is one of my favorite pillow ever, I love working on my laptop and using my phone in bed. Before I always have to stacked so many pillows for support my back and neck, now all I need is just one Euro King pillow.

Photo by Simon Vogt

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