Rachel Vogt Trends | Dressing up with River Island
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Dressing up with River Island

Hi guys, it had been a little bit, so here are some new daytime outfits that are perfect for roaming the town with River Island.

I can’t believe we’re at the end of Jan 2018. This month flew by so fast that lost track of days. I had been doing lots of planning for 2018 travels. I just returned from Park City, Utah. Had an amazing time snowboarding and exploring the town. In a few weeks, I will head up to Lake Tahoe for more winter fun. Then off to Hawaii in March. Lots more to add to the calendar, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @rachelvogttrends.

Since I’m in California, the winter doesn’t get that cold here compared to lots of other places around the globe. That mean my winter styles will still involve skirt, and heel sandals. Where are you from and what kind of weather are you dealing with?

Outfit #1: Edgy

Photographer: Jyehro Poquiz

I don’t usually wear black even though it’s one of the most flattering colors to wear. But when I do, I want the pieces to have a lot of edgy and fun details. Well, this top for necklace and back bow tie details got me at hello. This skirt with the thigh slit and lace-up details was the perfect touch to this girly, sexy and sexy outfit. Don’t forget about the shoes with all the gold pearl & studs are just beautiful.

Outfit #2: Girly chic

PC: Helen Chen

Talk about being cozy; this outfit kept me so warm while walking about Union Square that I wanted to strip naked (j/k). This peach color bell sleeves sweater is so soft and cozy, make me want to wear it all of the time. I paired with jeans and rose gold heel sandals, to make it more girly chic I topped with this camel faux fur coat with gem pins all over it.

P.S. Both of the shoes from 1st & 2nd outfit are on repeats, you can see how I styled in my previous outfits here.

Outfit #3: Feminine

I don’t really care what time of the year it’s when I come to my favorite colors to wear. Most of you probably know by now that I love wearing white and pink. This white peplum tank top is quite flattering on, and of course, since we’re in the winter months topping it off with a knit cardigan is a must. I wore it with a pleated skirt, but it also looks really cute with jeans, too.

Thank you River Island for sponsoring this post.



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