Rachel Vogt Trends | Europe Travel at six months pregnant
Come travel with me through Europe at 6 months pregnant. My summer styles from River Island.
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Can I travel at 6 months pregnant?

Thank you to River Island for sponsoring this post and providing me with all these cute clothes for my travels.

OMG! My belly is growing so quickly guys, I’m currently in my 28th weeks so around 12 more weeks to go. Everyone was asking me, are you going to be OK to travel because I’m pregnant. Guys, I’m only pregnant not handicap lol… my personal opinion it’s fine to travel until you’re 6-7 months if you’re having a healthy pregnancy. Thank you, god, I’m having a pretty healthy and easy pregnancy so far. During our Europe trip 2 weeks ago, we went to Paris for 4 days, then Dubrovnik for 4 days, and ended our trip in the Frankfurt area in Germany for 6 days. Since Simon’s family are all in Germany we figure to spend some time with them while I’m pregnant because we’ll probably not going to come back until next year.


Outfit 1: River Island Pink frill tie waist midi dress. Loving the high slit with ruffles trimming with the skirt underneath. I made a little adjustment to the bust area since I went up a few sizes to fit my growing belly.

This is our 2nd time in Paris and yes, it’s still one of my favorite city in Europe. This time we returned with our friends that never been, so we were playing tour guide. The 1st time we stayed closer to the Effiel Tower. This time around we want to be more central so we stayed at the Radisson Blu on Champs Elysees with the view of the Arc De Triomphe. Love waking up to this beautiful view and enjoyed our breakfast in bed every day. Ah talking about breakfast is making want some french croissants #pregnancycraving. OMG I’ve found my favorite restaurant ever because it’s a foie gras restaurant, it called The Comptoir De La Gastronomie in district one. Go there in between hours (late lunch or early dinner) if not be prepared to wait for a long while. Seriously though I would fly to Paris for a couple of days to eat here and do a little shopping and called a trip.

The Comptoir De La Gastronomie
Outfit 2: This giant bell sleeves romper is the most comfyiest thing that I wore.


Outfit 3: This is probably one of my most wore romper up to date, love the front and back ruffle details.
Outfit 4: Can’t you tell I have something for pink, this floral pink dress is super cute right?

We visited Dubrovnik for 4 days and this is my personal opinion OK, it was too long. I think 2 days would be plenty. My favorite thing as a tourist is visiting Old Town, it was really nice but overrun with tourist and crazy over price. Most tourist there are people from the UK and US. I didn’t have the best experience at the those where we stayed at even though we paid for a 5 stars luxury hotel. I had a little rant on IG how they’re giving an Ocean View room without an ocean view, and it took them 2 and half days to fix it. Then I ended up in a room without AC ‘urgh…story of my life’. Let get pass that, if you want to visit Dubrovnik, I think going there for 2 days is fine, one day in old town and the 2nd if you want to take a boat tour to visit some of the islands. They’re don’t really have many sandy beaches for you to relax on.

Old Town Dubrovnik
Outfit 5: I’m obsessed with tassels skirt, love the stretchy waistband cause I can also wear it as a dress.


Outfit 6: Currently any stretchy maxi dresses are my best friend because it helps to stretch over my growing belly. This red/white stripes it quite flattering on, plus the slit make it more fun.

This is like my 8 times in Germany and staying in the Frankfurt suburb areas, usually, we stayed with the family and rarely do sightseeing. This trip we spent a couple of days with Simon’s dad and he took us to some really cute touristy towns Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber and Speyer. Touristy but not crazy but not like Dubrovnik or Paris, and the prices are quite reasonable. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Germany.

Hope you enjoy a quick read from our Europe trip, it’s not hard to travel when you’re pregnant. It’s all in your head sometimes. I had more energy to walk around exploring compared to my girlfriend and my father in law… lol.

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