Rachel Vogt Trends | baby jogger city mini gt2 stroller, light weight with one-hand compact fold, forever tires and 3 wheels for all terrain
The light weight, one-hand compact fold with forever 3-wheel for all terrain stroller to match your lifestyle from Baby Jogger
mini stroller, baby jogger, light weight stroller, 3-wheels stroller, all terrain stroller
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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Hi guys,

You know that having Baby Clara doesn’t stop us from living our lives and definitely doesn’t stop us from traveling. It just take a little more planning and with precision on what we are doing. So less is more even though it sounds crazy because we have so much stuff when we’re out with Clara anywhere. I’ve been searching for a light weight mini stroller that we can easily travel with us, and yet can handle our active lifestyle. It couldn’t have been better timing when I got an opportunity to connect with Baby Jogger to check out their City Mini GT2. This 3-wheel stroller with forever air tires and all-wheel suspension provided uncompromised agility on any terrain. From our daily errands in downtown to trail hiking on the weekend.

We do takes Clara everywhere with us when we go out, and our hands are always full. Their signature one-hand compact fold it’s so incredible, I can easily get it unfolded and folded with my free arm. Simon is much taller than me so having the adjustable handlebar makes it easy to adjust to our height when we’re pushing the stroller. It has a hand-operated parking brake and the adjustable calf support and nearflat seat recline allows us to find the most comfortable position for Clara. It’s quite comfy since Clara takes nice long naps in it while we’re out. 

Simon’s mom is visiting from Germany and she’s so impressed with this City Mini GT2 stroller. She loves how lightweight it is, she can handle it with ease. She especially loves the one-hand compact fold–one time she was stuck in the freezing cold on a rainy day because she couldn’t figure out how to close the stroller! #mommyapproved and #grandmaapproved.

Sponsored by Baby Jogger, all opinions are mine.

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