About Me

Fashion is my life. Beauty is my soul.


“I’m just a girl who love fashion & beauty and I just want to share it with the world.”

Rachel is a fashion stylist, image branding expert and brand consultant who has worked with some of the major brands such as Uniqlo, Skunkfunk, Atelier Prelude, Irresistible me hair, Rocksbox, Peach Box, Mirina collections, Blaze of Sweden and Fine Pillow. 

Rachel helps companies developing the “look and feel” of their brands, as well as other multichannel platform mediums. Rachel has extensive experience crafting on air talent and model images that audiences respond to and want to match. Rachel has collaborated with numerous designers and brands. 

Her lifelong love of fashion and beauty inspired Rachel to translate that affection into a diverse and highly successful career. With a degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University, Rachel is sought after both for her keen eye and marketing savvy. 

Rachel Vogt reaches more than 5,000,000 followers and fans (and growing) on Social Media programs such as:

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