Can I get married again?

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Ok, don’t be confused about the title, because I’m happily married to the love of my life, Simon Vogt! As some of you may know, he’s the man behind most of these beautiful pictures. Time seems to have flown by—Oct 2017 is our five-year anniversary!

Ok, so what I’m about to share is going to make me sound a little crazy and obsessive. My husband and I had not one, but THREE weddings—the first at SF city hall, then off to the Bahamas for my dream beach wedding, then back home for a big wedding with all our family and friends. I loved every minute of it, but maybe the real reason behind the craziness of three different occasions was that I just wanted to wear three different wedding dresses. Seriously, this passion is why I’m so excited to share some photos with you today… I got to try out some of the latest styles from Maggie Sottero, and I kinda want to do the whole wedding dress thing all over again. OMG, my husband is going to kill me. Oh, hang on, what about renewing our vows? YES!


Finding the perfect wedding gown.

This is such a dilemma when Maggie Sottero has so many beautiful gowns to choose from. So when you’re shopping for that special wedding dress, it helps to sit down and think what you want to feel like on your special day. For me, elegant but wow-so-beautiful lace with intricate detail is a must. Another thing that I want is to look slender and tall, which is why the Nola gown was a perfect fit. When I first tried on this gown, I was like, “YES!” This soft fit-and-flare makes me look so slender and lengthy, and yet it still shows all the right curves. And seriously, the lace detail just leaves me in awe.


Thank you to Maggie Sottero for sponsoring this post.

Bouquet from Le-Bouquet



Love What You See? Join Maggie Sottero at their San Francisco Pop Up!

One Day Only

Whatever you picture for your wedding, I know how hard it is to find the right dress (or in my case, three right dresses, lol!). Lucky for you SF bay area brides-to-be, the Bay Area Wedding Fair is happening this month (February 18th) and Maggie Sottero will be there to host their first-ever SF Pop Up with Trudys Brides! You don’t want to miss this if you’re currently on the hunt for that perfect wedding dress, because Maggie Sottero will be bringing a HUGE selection of their favorite styles. They’ll also offer a special discount, giveaways, goodies, and an expert team of stylists (including one of their actual designers!) for the occasion.


Hosted by Trudys Brides @trudysbrides


Bay Area Wedding Fair

Fairmont Inn San Francisco

950 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94108



Sunday, February 18th

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


You’re invited to join Maggie Sottero and find your dream wedding dress! Check out all the info and RSVP in the link below:



YES! Any excuse to wear pretty dresses am I right??

I would want to wear wedding dresses again and again too! I’ve only worn one once or twice and there are just so many designs out there to try. This gown is so elegant and beautiful!
xo Samantha

Lexie says:

This looks amazing!!!!!! And you look gorgeous!

This is so perfect, thank you for sharing!
xxx Hadasah

Wowww I’m so amaze at your pictures!! This dress is sooo beautiful I love it

fashNcurious says:

Me too please! Just so I can wear one of these pretty dresses! SO gorgeous!

Wowza! This dress is amazing and you look stunning!!

Aliya says:

You look absolutely stunning in that dress. Three dresses for your wedding- how nice! I had a traditional Indian wedding so I had 4 outfits and I splurged and purchased a wedding gown too. Great post and photos.

Jo says:

You look so stunning in that dress! The lace detailing is so beautiful!

xo, Jo

sharon wu says:

omgggg you are so stunning babe! i love that dress on you — it’s perfect! xo, sharon

Bernice says:

This wedding dress is so gorgeous! I’m getting married soon, and picked my dress, and I wish I could get so many more! So many gorgeous designs out there x

Such a stunning bride. Of course I’m sure that your hubby wouldn’t remind another go!

You are such a queen! I can’t believe you had three weddings! One was hard enough to plan! =). But the fact that you got to wear three different gowns, I totally get why you wanted the celebration to go on and on. =). This dress is stunning! You look gorgeous in it and I love the style. It totally accentuates your best features. What a dream to wear one of Maggie Sottero’s gowns! xoxo, Christine

marcy says:

OMG this photos and dress are a dream babe!! You look so gorgeous and you will be a gorgeous bride to be again lol
Why not do another 4th wedding with your hubby lol?


Jessica says:

Dear you look stunning! You look like a goddess, and what a gorgeous dress!

Jessica |

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