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Posted By: | December 19, 2017

It’s time to talk about Getting ready for New Year. Not sure if I shared this before, but I love anything sparkly. So sequins are a must when I think of my New Year dress. I got an opportunity to partner with Tissura to talk with your about High Fashioned Sequined Fabrics. Sequin Fabric brings the glam and glitter that every woman’s must-haves for a special occasion or a gala event. A sequined dress is your key to the brilliant look. Tissura unique collection has it all – from barely-there sparkles to colorful art pieces burning with silver and gold. Create trendy outfits with sequined chiffon, organza, lace, or tulle and get ready to become the center of attention. Who needs diamonds? Sequins are the girl’s best friends. 

My mother is a tailor/seamstress for almost 40 years, and I’ve learned a lot about fabrics. Sequined fabrics are most often use for special occasions. They’re not the easiest to work with since it dulls out the needles quickly. But the results are just stunning. 

Fun facts about Sequins:

The name “sequin” originates from the Venetian colloquial noun zecchino (Venetian pronunciation: [tsek’kino]), meaning a Venetian Ducat coin, rendered into French as “sequin” (French pronunciation:  [səqɛ̃]). The Ducat stopped being minted after the Napoleonic invasion of Italy, and the name sequin was falling out of use in its original sense. It was then that the name was taken up in France to designate what it means today. The 19th century sequins were made of shiny metal.

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m getting there, getting close to finishing up with all of my Christmas decorations around the house. I get a little crazy this time of the year with my holiday decorations, but I can’t help it since it’s my favorite holiday. I’ve been sharing some of my Winter Wonderland decors on Instagram instastories. I’ve saved a few on the stories highlight, so check it out if you’re curious @rachelvogttrends

Are you still looking for more holiday outfits inspo? See some of my previous posts here & here.




Everyone needs a fabulous sequins dress or two or ten! Sequins dresses are total perfection for the holidays and NYE! I love gold and these two sequins dresses are beautiful and show stoppers. The gown is just stunning! Perfect for a gala or a glamorous holiday party. I also love the shorter cocktail dress. I can see myself in that for New Year’s Eve. Thanks for sharing this brand and a little bit about sequins. I had no idea that it originated from metal coins…so interesting! xoxo, Christine

Mariann Yip says:

That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you!

That dress is so pretty! Love all the sparkle!

Jennifer says:

You look stunning! So glamoruous and def. NYE ready! I always love to wear sequins to bring in the new year too!

xo, Jennifer

Veena says:

I love both the dresses. You look stunning in them

Lola Cezair says:

You look amazing!! Love that dress on you xx

Lola |

fashNcurious says:

Oooo look at you! You look so very glamorous!

These dresses are SO gorgeous! I love how theres also a shorter version that would be perfect for holiday parties. I can totally see you wearing the gown to more formal events like weddings and the like. Great photos!
xo Samantha

marcy says:

You always have the best dresses for every occasion babe!!! I agree sequins dresses are so perfect for the holiday seasons and they look so great on you. So interesting to learn about the sequin word. You look beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.


Daniel says:

Amazing dress!

Daniel x

The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

You look like a princess! I adore the shorter version xx

vanessa says:

such a nice dresses, you look great on those

Taylor says:

You look gorgeous!! Everyone needs a sparkly dress. I really like the short piece.

Lexie says:

I absolutely love sparkles!!!!!

Jessica says:

Babe you look stunning! Love the sparkling dress. Your eyes are so pretty too.

Jessica |

I do share your passion for sequins girl!!! Your dresses are fabulous. You look fantastic
Have a wonderful Christmas xxxx

I absolutely love sequins and they are so perfect here on these looks and you make them even more beautiful! You actually reminded me about a sequin dress I have from last Valentine’s Day and now I definitely need to look into these to add to my collection!

These dresses are just gorgeous love!

As a history nerd I’m always grateful when I get a small lesson in fashion history! 🙂 The sequin from Tissura looks amazing on you and is so totally NYE and other festivities ready!
Thomas xx

Lmg I loooove that second dress for new years

suzhoudress says:

You look like a princess! I adore the shorter version xx

All of these outfits are absolute perfection, I want them all!

You look AMAZING, like a golden girl in your party dress. Spot-on post with spot-on recommendations as you lead by example!

sharon wu says:

This dress is so gorgeous and perfect for the new year! Happy 2018 babe! xo, sharon

suresh lukhi says:

nice and wonderful info
thank you so much dear……

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Wow! That dress is fabulous!

Aimara says:

Loving all the gold sequins!!!! You are such a stunner 🙂
Beautiful pics too babe! Happy NY! Welcome 2018!

Rubi says:

You look incredible!!!
x Rubi
Pose & Repeat

Kate says:

SO gorgeous! I love it all!
-Kate //

Ria says:

I love your glam dress, looking so fancy.


These dresses are so gorgeous! I love where you shot them too, the balloon pictures are really cute 🙂

Lauren Lindmark |

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