Live Happy with Natural Life

Posted By: | December 8, 2016

Charcoal ‘Live Happy’ perfect fit tee | Hudson ‘Nico’ Skinny Jeans (Ravage) | Rag & Bone ‘Margot’ Bootie | Gucci Dionysus | Missguided Draped duster jacket 

Photo by Ryan Chua

Loving the quote on this tee. ‘Live Happy’: ‘Being different is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. Embrace your ‘YOU’ ness.’ This perfect fit tee from Natural Life is definitely one of my favorite. It’s so soft and comfy to wear, and it make me happy wearing it. I love so many of their pieces because it reminded us to Give and Live Happy. Life is too short to be negative and unhappy. Lets all spread love for this holiday season.

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Helen Chik says:

That waterfall coat looks amazing on you lady! Gorgeous shots too xx


gracie says:

Love this entire look ! Perfect street style ! You look beautiful & super chic 🙂
xx, gracie

What a great reminder to be happy and I love the graphic tee. This long cardigan is my favorite too. So perfect for layering and for the winter. You look amazing and I love your beautiful smile! xoxo, Christine

I agree! That quote is a good one and couldn’t be truer. Great outfit again!

Mariann Yip says:

Absolutely love your outfit especially those jeans! I also love the message of the tshirt 🙂


Stephanie says:

I can’t pick just one piece from this outfit that I love most. Between that top (which I LOVE for the quote), the color of your jacket, those perfectly distressed skinnies, and your gorgeous lip shade – this is just the best look! You know how to make a graphic tee look oh-so stylish!

Stephanie //

Eric K says:

I love your style and combos. Pure beauty and perfection.
Thank you for sharing

Linh Dao says:

This shirt is super cute!! I want it! Just a cute outfit on you!! You rock this look!


Miki says:

Beautiful! That waterfall cardi-coat is so chic. I love ones like that. They’re so feminine. It looks so good on you. 🙂


I absoultely agree with you that life is too short to be negative and unhappy. We need to fill it with positive moments! Great tee! You look wonderful wearing it!

Annelies says:

Lovely look, in love with your coat! 🙂

that T-shirt is so lovely! a happier life is a better life 🙂

Martin says:

Gorgeous outfit my dear!! “embrace your youness” lol love it!

Sharon Wu says:

Love the T-shirt with such great vibes! Thanks for sharing babe! xo, sharon

It is so refreshing these days to see a girl with such style. I’m a fan!

Jo says:

What a fab tee! Such a great message and it’d make a great gift too. Love your cape too!

xo, Jo

Your look it seems so comfy, but definitely is so fashionable. Just perfect combo. And btw your smile is stunning. xxx

Yasmin says:

Thanks for spreading the holiday cheer! Such a fun shirt that you can wear year round.

xx Yasmin


I love that t-short so much! YOU’ness – my new favourite word! Looking gorgeous.
Tatyana x

Josie says:

Oh the things you can do with a soft tee! Love how you styled it! Obsessed with that duster! You’re so right! Life is too short to be unhappy 😉

Bisous, Josie

Darya says:

Oh Rachel!
I look through your posts and always ask myself HOW to be so feminine?
Love this post and your style!

A simple graphic tee is nice to wear at times and I love how the one you’re wearing has such nice, positive vibes. 🙂 It really sets the mood on how to start your day and the smile you’ll bring to other peoples faces.


Leila D. says:

Love your tee, such a great fit and quote 🙂

marcy says:

YOU are so stunning babe!! Love the tee and the quote.
Love how you style it!!


Len Parent says:

What a PERFECT look. Love your flawless make up doll! You are such a stunner!
Have a great weekend! 🙂
Much love, Len

Yuena says:

omgosh everything on fleek and I think that’s the first time I’ve said that word.

With Love,

Frank Lin says:

Love this look so much!
You can literally feel the positive vibes 😍👌🏻
Xx frank

Lolita Mas says:

I love the look and you are simply stunning!

hahaha that’s some great motivational quote to share on the streets 🙂

loved it.

Jade –

Jenn Hanft says:

Aw I really love these types of motivational shirts hehe. Quotes like “Live Happy” is something we should definitely live by! The entire outfit is spot on chic hehe. Vibes on point xx

Jenn |

Bernice says:

Omg I love the rag and bone booties! Absolutely perfection and Thy look so comfy xx

You look so stunning!

That Gucci bag is so beautiful and love how you paired it and didn’t just make it a focal point!
Jordan xx

camille says:

Ugh, I’m so incredibly jealous of your dionysus bag! On my list 🙂

Natasha says:

Love your bag! The perfection

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