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Posted By: | November 11, 2016

‘Hello Friday’ Crewneck Lounge Sweater  (sold out but these are too cute Boss Babe, I Hate Morning, Can’t adult today (me everyday), and I definitely didn’t wake up like this| Fine pillow (use code RachelVogt25 for 25% off) – King size sleeping pillow (firm) | EuroKing support pillow

Hello Friday! I don’t want to get out of bed today, who am i kidding i’m don’t want to get out of bed everyday :-). I love sleeping in, what about you? I’m not so much a morning person, especially with these Fine Pillow‘s pillows. It had been almost a year using these pillow, so I want to share my secret with you all. These pillow make me feel like i’m sleeping on clouds, it form to my face and body curvature so well. The giant Euro King pillow is one of my favorite pillow ever, I love working on my laptop and using my phone in bed. Before I always have to stacked so many pillows for support my back and neck, now all I need is just one Euro King pillow. 

Photo by Simon Vogt

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Camila says:

I never want to get up, it is the hardest past of the day. That pillow looks just so comfy!

My Vogue Style | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

That shirt looks so cozy, I love it!


Lucrezia ♥ (http://www.lucreziacandelori.com)

Stephanie says:

I’m constantly working from my bed, and I hate how uncomfortable it gets after a while. Maybe I need to invest in one of these pillows. Thanks for sharing, beautiful!

Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

Kusum says:

Haha I am the opposite, I can’t sleep for more than a certain number of hours a day, there are exceptions though haha 😉
With that kind of a cozy bed and setting I am not surprised you don’t want to get out of bed!
xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

what a cute top, and perfect to celebrate Friyay 🙂

Jo says:

I’m the same as you – not a morning person and always working in bed! 😀 That pillow sounds heavenly!

xo, Jo

Jenn Hanft says:

Lately with the weather growing colder and the light getting dark fast, I never want to get out of bed either! Those pillows look so fluffy and soft, I can’t blame you!! Happy friday love 🙂

XO Jenn

Bernice says:

I love king or super kind sized pillows as they feel so much more comfy! The pillowcases look very soft and you sound like you enjoy them plenty! Are there more colours?


Jessie says:

This top is so fun!!! I think I need one for Monday Blue ><

Xx, Jessie

Yess haha I love finding cute, comfy pieces for room wear. Looking adorable in this top babe.


Such cute loungewear! I love soft pillows and it’s so hard to find the right ones. I’ll definitely have to look into these as they look so dreamy! Xoxo, Christine

Marcy says:

Finally someone like me hahaha I though it was the only one that love to sleep 😂! Love the long sleeve tee babe! The pillows look so comfy💗

Jo says:

I am in love with your bedding. I also love the soft pillows, my husband complains I have too many in our bed :). Your loungewear is cute too.

Len Parent says:

Always gorgeous! Love your look here darling. Looks great on you! SO CUTE!
Much love, Len

Josie says:

Darling, your pillows do look so comfy! My bed is my happy place and I need to cozy in it!

Bisous, Josie

gracie says:

Love these statement tees! SO many cute clever ones 🙂 Super cute !
xx, gracie

Linh Dao says:

I always want to stay in bed especially if everything is so cozy and warm! I’ve been looking for comfortable pillows for so long and can never seem to find the right one! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I need to invest in this one!


Julia says:

I’m not a morning person either! That pillow looks so comfy and I love the tee!
Julia x

Yasmin says:

You look so cozy! I wouldn’t want to get out of bed either. I’m always looking for a good pillow. Half mine are duds right now.

xx Yasmin

your bed looks so comfy I just wanna jump on it! hahahaha

you are gorgeous!

Jade –

Miki says:

I seriously need a new pillow. I wish I could spend all day in bed. That would be so incredible. Such a cute crew neck!


Fe Samaia says:

ahhh this post makes me want to get back to bed lol you look so beautiful and cozy!


Lorna says:

Thank you for the discount! Happy Friday for tomorrow!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Emily says:

I love your bedding!! And thank you for the discount code for the pillow!! I have been looking for new ones and waiting for black friday deals, but will have to check this out.

xoxo Emily

francesca says:

I hate waking up early! It’s so hard! haha you look adorable
Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

I need that sweater! Too bad it’s sold out =(

Martin says:

I’m not a morning person either amiga! Will definitely be getting myself one of these pillows. x

Haha, I literally HATE morning as I’m a night person and that’s when I’m the most creative as well, but still I have to drag myself out of bed every morning at 7 am to go to work… Not ok! I hope that will change soon though! And thanks for the tip about the pillows! Will definitely check that out.


Darya says:

Thank you for this nice post, Rachel!
I’m so happy to be a reader of your blog!

Frank Lin says:

Who wants to get up when you have such cozy pillows? 😀

xx frank

Sharon Wu says:

You look so cozy babe! Loving all these shots. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week sweetie xo, sharon


JT says:

Hahaha, omg! I love this post. I’m such a bed person! This makes me already want to be at home and chilling with Netflix there. All about bedwear and appropriate PJs for the ultimate sleep.

molly says:

Looks so cozy! Love it 🙂


Eric K says:

I personally like waiting up early, but i deff understand why you like to sleep more and do not want to get up from bed. You need to get that beauty sleep.
i love your pics and blogpost. you are fabulous …

Lolita Mas says:

You are such a beauty ❤️

I’m definitely not a morgning person either. I always keep adding 5 minutes more to my alarm until it’s already too late to get my makeup done to work
The Color Palette

Natasha says:

You are so cute

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