Lets talk hair care with Style Edit

Posted By: | October 13, 2017

Style edit hair products: Root concealer for Brunettes |Root touch up for Brunettes

Thanks Style Edit for sponsoring this post.

Hi guys,

Lets talk a little about hair today, since I always get lots of questions about my hair from you guys.

First, let’s start with a little background about my hair. So I’ve been wearing extra long hair for a long period of time now. Well, I had short hair for only a year or two when I was in high school. Funny story: I got upset at my mom for not helping me with my hair cut, and the stubborn me decided to take scissors and chop it off myself. I know, I’m crazy and dramatic. But ever since then, I let my hair grow out and trimmed it once every 3-6 months or so. Also, when i was younger I went through a stage of dying my hair platinum blonde. It was really bad for my hair and the maintenance was too much. Therefore, I went back to my natural color. 

In recent years, I started to wear hair extensions whenever I wanted to have a fuller look. Usually I wear 22 inches in length to match with my hair. 

With many years of experience playing with my hair I have some tips that I can share with you guys. These are some products that I had been using for a while to keep my hair nice, and healthy. Not washing my hair daily, using coconut oil as deep conditioner, trying to find natural shampoo and conditioner.

 Also, recently I found Style Edit, a root concealer for brunettes. Its color adaptive pigments smoothly adhere to the hair fiber and self-adjust to perfectly match hair color, providing a lustrous, natural shine. This instant, temporary root touch-up spray covers gray roots or root regrowth, extending the life of color between salon visits. The unique pin point applicator targets the areas that need a temporary color boost. 

Click here StyleEdit.com to find a salon near you to purchase.



Sports Bra with Push up and Adjustable by Kissbobo

Posted By: | September 13, 2017
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps

Thank you Kissbobo for sponsoring this post, and providing me with this amazing Yellow Cross back sports bra (here) | Victoria’s Secret leggings| Adidas original superstar sneakers

Hi guys,

It had been a while since i share a blog post. I had to take sometime off for a medical emergency. Thanks god everything is ok now, so i’m back!

A little about me, I haven’t share this but haven’t been active since I started working at the tech company about 2 and half year ago. But before I was quite active since my husband love to be outdoor.

Well about 7-8 years ago I ran my 1st 10K race without any training or experience, which was a mistake. I wore training shoes instead of running shoes, and didn’t have the right workout gear. Well I did finish the race but i couldn’t walk afterward. After all the complaining after the race that I’m in pain. My friends told me that I wore the wrong shoes and didn’t have the right sports bra. Well that was a painful lesson to learn. Now I know that if I want to do any out door activities. I will needs to get the right gears so my body won’t have to pay for it afterward :-).

Sports bar is definitely a must have, especially an affordable one. I found this Kissbobo cross back sports bra push up with adjustable straps. It not only look good but it have amazing support for my chest. I love the cross back detail and the push up to make your bust look so flattering. It come in 3 different colors, black, gray and yellow. Of course I got a yellow bra for myself, working out should also be fun and looking cute right? It’s also very affordable, $25 on Amazon.

Now it’s time for me to get back out there and be active again. Who’s with me? 

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Cold shoulder dress

Posted By: | May 8, 2017


Thanks: Pink Martini Collection Flare Out Dress Light Blue | Kayu clutch | X Jewellery Love chords bracelet | Eternal Sparkles Queen ring, mirror ring, V CZ ring and dual white gold ring | Kapton and Son watch

Photo by Ryan Chua

I’ve been so busy with work this last month that i didn’t get any chance to put up a post, sorry. So what do you do for a living? 

I’m still quite obsessed with off the shoulder dresses. I’m sharing some of my favorite baby blue dresses that i think it’s perfect for the summer.

Coachella inspired looks

Posted By: | April 13, 2017

Photo by Simon Vogt

Two piece off the shoulder floral separate from Stevie Sister | Two piece maxi dress from Free people

Since i’m not going to Coachella, I still want to share some outfits that i would wear if i were to go. Every year during this time everyone is talking about Coachella, I kinda wanna go to see what’s all about. But my husband hates super crazy big crowd, so i’ve never been. I needs to gather a group of girls to go with me, but i just hate that you have to commit a year in advance. I just can’t plan that far out. Anyway, have you been? If you have how was your experience? I would love to hear. If you haven’t been like myself, would you want to go?

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Weekend in Santa Barbara

Posted By: | March 30, 2017

Photo by Simon Vogt

Special thank you to EverPretty, Stevie SisterElliatt and Bersuse towel for sending me these beautiful pieces to wear during my trip.

Since the weather wasn’t that great here in the bay area, so we escaped the rain and head down to the sunny Santa Barbara. We had such an amazing time at Bacara Resort & Spa. The resort was so beautiful and the weather was so perfect. I just want to share some photos with you all. 

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A twist of Fate

Posted By: | March 14, 2017

The Pink Lily A twist of fate lace maxi dress | Stuart Weitzman Nudist

Photo by Simon Vogt

Sometime a girl just want to feel a bit glam, all that I need is beautiful dress and a pair high heels.

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Oxygen eye mask with VIIcode

Posted By: | March 7, 2017

Vanity mirror – ‘rachelvogt’ for 10% off

Lets talk beauty for a quick bit, I have 2 major things that I always keep an eye out for (skin care for oily skin, and under eyes treatment). So when VIIcode reached out to me about their O2M Oxygen eye mask for overnight repair, I was so excited to try it out since I’ve never tried anything like it before. It’s a gel-like material that adheres to your skin. It’s quite cooling when you’re wearing it. I used each pair of mask up to 3 times in a week. It me took about one use to get used to sleeping with the eye mask on. I’ve used a lot of eye sheet masks over the years, but this is so different. Now that I tried these oxygen eye masks the last 2 weeks, I can definitely see a major difference. My crow’s feet are no longer visible and most of my fine lines had been reduced. My under concealer goes on so much smoother, and it does help with getting quickly on days that I wants to wear minimal makeup. 


Summer ready with Coco Reef Swim

Posted By: | February 27, 2017

Coco Reef White Label Sofa wrap underwire bikini top | Coco Reef White Label Radiant bikini bottom.

Photo by Simon Vogt

Are you ready for summer? I am, especially with this cute Coco Reef White Label Sola Wrap Underwire Bra Sized Bikini top and this White Label Radiant High Waist Bikini Bottom. I love how this wrap bikini top can be worn in multiple ways to create different looks that will match with my mood. I’ve been searching for a good high waist bikini bottom, and this sophisticated high waist bikini bottom with side shirring slims definitely looks so flattering. 

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Bliss Tulle in Mustard Fields

Posted By: | February 20, 2017

Photo by Simon Vogt

‘Not all those who wanderer are lost’. But I actually don’t mind getting lost in this beautiful mustard field in Napa Valley.

I’ve been searching for a place that have cute tulle skirts and lucky me I’ve found them all at Bliss Tulle. They have so many cute tulle skirts, it was so hard for me to choose. Thanks Bliss Tulle for sending me this Hayley tulle skirt because it’s perfect for Spring. I love how fluffy it is, the poof is just perfect. I paired it with a cute pink ruffles crop top, and the gold sequins top. I love both look, but a cute lace crop top or body suit will goes well with it, too. Now I really want to get them all in different length and colors. 

This skirt was also featured in my Valentine’s post with Audi on Demand.

Are you excited for Spring?

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Romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway with Audi on demand & Silverado Resort

Posted By: | February 14, 2017

Thanks Audi on demand for letting us use this beautiful Audi S8 Plus for an amazing weekend getaway. The luxury sedan was dropped off and picked up at my office, making this the best rental car experience from the get go. Once inside the 605HP beast, with the massage chairs going and my favorite song playing, the weekend could start! Off we went to Napa!

Hayley skirt from Bliss Tulle

Photo by Ted Chin

FullSizeRender 6
FullSizeRender 5

Started our day out with some wine tasting at Stag’s Leap Winery. The weather was just beautiful, so we spent the whole afternoon outside enjoying their wines .

Thanks Silverado Resort and Spa for spoiling us with such a lovely stay, definitely one the best Napa weekend getaways ever! The resort has two 18 hole golf courses and spans over 1,200 acres. Our suite overlooked the picturesque Silverado South Golf Course. To top off the weekend, we were pampered by the friendly staff at the Silverado Spa to a luxurious spa treatment.

The Spa at Silverado Resort

Photo by Simon Vogt

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I think everyday should be Valentine’s day, we should constantly show love to our love ones. 

We usually don’t go out on Valentine’s day since all the restaurants are always over booked and over priced. Simon’s a wonderful cooks, so he usually will make me a really yummy dinner with a nice bottle of champagne. This year I got the opportunity to spoil him with a romantic weekend getaway all thanks to Audi on demand and Silverado Resort and Spa. The weather played along as well, making our weekend even better. So much fun in the sun. Today we’ll just relax and watch a movie in bed.