Can I get married again?

Posted By: | February 7, 2018


Ok, don’t be confused about the title, because I’m happily married to the love of my life, Simon Vogt! As some of you may know, he’s the man behind most of these beautiful pictures. Time seems to have flown by—Oct 2017 is our five-year anniversary!

Ok, so what I’m about to share is going to make me sound a little crazy and obsessive. My husband and I had not one, but THREE weddings—the first at SF city hall, then off to the Bahamas for my dream beach wedding, then back home for a big wedding with all our family and friends. I loved every minute of it, but maybe the real reason behind the craziness of three different occasions was that I just wanted to wear three different wedding dresses. Seriously, this passion is why I’m so excited to share some photos with you today… I got to try out some of the latest styles from Maggie Sottero, and I kinda want to do the whole wedding dress thing all over again. OMG, my husband is going to kill me. Oh, hang on, what about renewing our vows? YES!


Finding the perfect wedding gown.

This is such a dilemma when Maggie Sottero has so many beautiful gowns to choose from. So when you’re shopping for that special wedding dress, it helps to sit down and think what you want to feel like on your special day. For me, elegant but wow-so-beautiful lace with intricate detail is a must. Another thing that I want is to look slender and tall, which is why the Nola gown was a perfect fit. When I first tried on this gown, I was like, “YES!” This soft fit-and-flare makes me look so slender and lengthy, and yet it still shows all the right curves. And seriously, the lace detail just leaves me in awe.


Thank you to Maggie Sottero for sponsoring this post.

Bouquet from Le-Bouquet



Love What You See? Join Maggie Sottero at their San Francisco Pop Up!

One Day Only

Whatever you picture for your wedding, I know how hard it is to find the right dress (or in my case, three right dresses, lol!). Lucky for you SF bay area brides-to-be, the Bay Area Wedding Fair is happening this month (February 18th) and Maggie Sottero will be there to host their first-ever SF Pop Up with Trudys Brides! You don’t want to miss this if you’re currently on the hunt for that perfect wedding dress, because Maggie Sottero will be bringing a HUGE selection of their favorite styles. They’ll also offer a special discount, giveaways, goodies, and an expert team of stylists (including one of their actual designers!) for the occasion.


Hosted by Trudys Brides @trudysbrides


Bay Area Wedding Fair

Fairmont Inn San Francisco

950 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94108



Sunday, February 18th

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


You’re invited to join Maggie Sottero and find your dream wedding dress! Check out all the info and RSVP in the link below:



Dressing up with River Island

Posted By: | January 30, 2018

Hi guys, it had been a little bit, so here are some new daytime outfits that are perfect for roaming the town with River Island

I can’t believe we’re at the end of Jan 2018. This month flew by so fast that lost track of days. I had been doing lots of planning for 2018 travels. I just returned from Park City, Utah. Had an amazing time snowboarding and exploring the town. In a few weeks, I will head up to Lake Tahoe for more winter fun. Then off to Hawaii in March. Lots more to add to the calendar, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @rachelvogttrends.

Since I’m in California, the winter doesn’t get that cold here compared to lots of other places around the globe. That mean my winter styles will still involve skirt, and heel sandals. Where are you from and what kind of weather are you dealing with?

Outfit #1: Edgy

Photographer: Jyehro Poquiz

I don’t usually wear black even though it’s one of the most flattering colors to wear. But when I do, I want the pieces to have a lot of edgy and fun details. Well, this top for necklace and back bow tie details got me at hello. This skirt with the thigh slit and lace-up details was the perfect touch to this girly, sexy and sexy outfit. Don’t forget about the shoes with all the gold pearl & studs are just beautiful. 

Outfit #2: Girly chic

PC: Helen Chen

Talk about being cozy; this outfit kept me so warm while walking about Union Square that I wanted to strip naked (j/k). This peach color bell sleeves sweater is so soft and cozy, make me want to wear it all of the time. I paired with jeans and rose gold heel sandals, to make it more girly chic I topped with this camel faux fur coat with gem pins all over it. 

P.S. Both of the shoes from 1st & 2nd outfit are on repeats, you can see how I styled in my previous outfits here

Outfit #3: Feminine

I don’t really care what time of the year it’s when I come to my favorite colors to wear. Most of you probably know by now that I love wearing white and pink. This white peplum tank top is quite flattering on, and of course, since we’re in the winter months topping it off with a knit cardigan is a must. I wore it with a pleated skirt, but it also looks really cute with jeans, too. 

Thank you River Island for sponsoring this post.


Bring in New Year with Sequin from Tissura

Posted By: | December 19, 2017

It’s time to talk about Getting ready for New Year. Not sure if I shared this before, but I love anything sparkly. So sequins are a must when I think of my New Year dress. I got an opportunity to partner with Tissura to talk with your about High Fashioned Sequined Fabrics. Sequin Fabric brings the glam and glitter that every woman’s must-haves for a special occasion or a gala event. A sequined dress is your key to the brilliant look. Tissura unique collection has it all – from barely-there sparkles to colorful art pieces burning with silver and gold. Create trendy outfits with sequined chiffon, organza, lace, or tulle and get ready to become the center of attention. Who needs diamonds? Sequins are the girl’s best friends. 

My mother is a tailor/seamstress for almost 40 years, and I’ve learned a lot about fabrics. Sequined fabrics are most often use for special occasions. They’re not the easiest to work with since it dulls out the needles quickly. But the results are just stunning. 

Fun facts about Sequins:

The name “sequin” originates from the Venetian colloquial noun zecchino (Venetian pronunciation: [tsek’kino]), meaning a Venetian Ducat coin, rendered into French as “sequin” (French pronunciation:  [səqɛ̃]). The Ducat stopped being minted after the Napoleonic invasion of Italy, and the name sequin was falling out of use in its original sense. It was then that the name was taken up in France to designate what it means today. The 19th century sequins were made of shiny metal.

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m getting there, getting close to finishing up with all of my Christmas decorations around the house. I get a little crazy this time of the year with my holiday decorations, but I can’t help it since it’s my favorite holiday. I’ve been sharing some of my Winter Wonderland decors on Instagram instastories. I’ve saved a few on the stories highlight, so check it out if you’re curious @rachelvogttrends

Are you still looking for more holiday outfits inspo? See some of my previous posts here & here.




Holiday dresses with River Island

Posted By: | December 13, 2017

Happy December guys! Christmas and New years are only weeks away. Time to pick out those Holiday dresses that you want to show off to your family and friends. As I mentioned last month, River Island had become one of my favorite online shops. Here’s my previous post of some of my favorite Fall and holiday outfits with River Island. They have such great variety of clothing for your selection. This time I want to share some of my favorite lace and metallic dresses that are perfect for your holiday parties.

1St outfit: Red lace & Rose Gold

Red lace high neck midi bodycon dressCamel faux fur collar coat Rose gold tone metallic circle heel sandals

I wore this red lace dress to Simon’s holiday party, and man oh man people wouldn’t stop complimenting me. Pairing with the faux fur collar coat to keep me warm and yet still glam.

2nd outfit: Gray metallic & leather 

Want to look classy, yet sexy with a touch of edgy. Well, this outfit got it all. This look is perfect for a girl night out/holiday party. You can make it a little girly by changing out the leather jacket with the faux fur collar coat.

Silver metallic cut out knitted bodycon dress (currently on sale $40) |Black leather quilted biker jacket |Black faux pearl embellished court shoes | Dionysus medium GG shoulder bag

3rd outfit: Black and Rose gold

These rose gold heel sandals do go with almost any outfits. This is my outfit for my own company Holiday party dinner. And the most exciting thing was people asking me if this dress was from Chanel. The lace detail of this dress was so gorgeous, and it helps to accentuate my figure so perfectly.

P.S. There are some updates to the Christmas tree decorations. I removed the ribbons (for the 4th times) and tucked into the tree. I think it looks a lot better right now, you can see it on my Instagram instastories highlight @rachelvogttrends.

Black floral lace waisted midi dress (currently on sale $120) | Rose gold tone metallic circle heel sandalsPink block boucle knit mini satchel bag | La Paz Bracelet

Remarkable Travel Photos with Relonch

Posted By: | November 16, 2017
How to get best travel photos? Relonch is like a Magic camera for Magical trips

Thank you Relonch for sponsoring this post.


To piggyback on my last travel post Travel with American Tourister. Let us talk about photography today.

Want to get the instagramable picture without the trouble of editing? Or ever been super envious of others/blogger picture? Why can’t I have photos like that? I’ve found an answer for you, Relonch is a Camera as a service. I recently came back from Europe, and everyone loved my travel pictures, well you can achieve those kinds of photos with the Relonch camera. 

Here’s a little background on my photography when we’re traveling. Simon and (most I) usually spend some researching on finding some good spots to shoot. Of course, pray for good weather as always. Simon often shoots with a DSLR camera; then his job is done. Now, here comes the hard part and I’m still dreading doing it every time, because it does take so much of my time. I do spend hours on selecting the best images and then editing it. 

About Relonch

If this process doesn’t scare you, then kudos to you. But if it does that then you will want Relonch, because it’s so simple to get remarkable photos without all the hard work. Here what you need to do is after you finish booking your trip, you book Relonch here: Then you get to enjoy the Relonch experience and learn how to use their camera in their store located in Palo Alto. Since the camera has just one button to shoot it is super easy to use. All that you have to do is position the camera properly and snap a photo. The Relonch team member is so fantastic with showing you all the tips where to position the camera to get the best shot.

Remember earlier I mentioned about researching the best place to shoot. Well, Relonch already did that for us. They have a guide video for all the best spots to shoot, and these are locations that you will want to get your photo taken there.

Ok, now for the best part, go out and shoot. First, you will get the negative images on your phone through the Relonch app. Then, choose your remarkable images and discard those you don’t want. This way you don’t have hundreds of photos that are just sitting on your phone and take up all the space. Once you select the remarkable images, it will get submitted for processing. Within a short period of time, you will get the images back on your phone. The most amazing part of all this is you only pay $1/per a remarkable photo, and the camera is FREE.


Relonch provides you with a complete experience that guarantees results (Remarkable pictures).

1) Relonch experience.

2) Easy-to-follow shooting tips

3) A preconfigured camera with just one button

4) Photo post-processing

5) Pay based on results. You only pay for the photos you want to keep, not the camera.

Enjoy your upcoming trip with Remarkable Relonch photos! Just book a camera and get it for free!  That’s it 🙂

Last of all share your images on socials, your friends, and family. Also, you can also create a photo album; it’s perfect as a coffee table. The holiday is approaching quickly, and this is also can get a great gift.

Below, these images are captured using the Relonch camera and post-processing service.



Travel with American Tourister

Posted By: | November 9, 2017

American Tourister Curio spinner luggage has what I look for in luggage when I travel during a weekend trip or internationally. Thank you for sponsoring this post.

American Tourister Curio 25″” Hardside Checked Spinner Luggage White  (comes in 3 colors) | H&M pleated midi skirt | Misguided chocker sweater | Charlotte Russe Suede biker jacket | Chanel espadrilles | Givenchy Antigona bag

Hi guys,

Let’s chat a little about traveling today. Most of you already know that I love to travel. In the last 10 years, I’ve visited 26 countries. And I visited almost half of those places twice. Since Simon family is living in Europe, we go there at least once a year. Simon will go two to three times sometimes. That just means having right luggage is a must. There are a few things that look for when I’m searching for new luggage.

American Tourister Curio spinner luggage
  • Polypropylene circular design with silver color pop logo treatment, make it easier to travel even when its wet out
  • Book opening case with mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment with a zipped modesty pocket
  • Dual spinner wheels for a smooth ride
  • Fixed TSA 3 dial lock keeps belongings safe & secure
  • Retractable handle provides easy maneuverability when extended out from the suitcase, and stores neatly inside when not in use. Locks in place in both the fully extended and stored positions for secure traveling
  • Top and side carry handle
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Indeed ‘Fun never gets old’ especially when it comes to your luggage. American Tourister got some of the most beautiful luggage design, and I love their color collection. My two favorite colors are white and pink, normal I would gravitate toward a pink bag. But Simon really like this luggage, too so I got a white one so he can also use it. 

Also, I’m so grateful that American Tourister sponsored me to run The Color Run |The Happiest 5k run on the planet that happened here in the bay. Probably one of the most fun experience of mine. Love their glitter tank I had so fun taken boomerang in it. And of course, their stop was the pink in the rainbow. After the run was over, there’s a big party with live DJ, and American Tourister was so great to do giveaways.

My Fall & Holiday outfits with River Island

Posted By: | November 6, 2017

Happy November Everyone! I can’t believe that’s already November; I don’t even know where this year goes. That means the holidays are approaching us quickly. We’re only weeks away from Thanksgiving. And before you even notice Christmas and New Years going to be right upon us. With the weather getting cooler and thinking about holidays planning. We also have to start planning our outfits. Recently, River Island had become one of my favorite online shops. From faux fur trim parka for the coldest days to glitter pumps for the sparkliest holiday party. 



Here are some of the looks that I put together, let me know what you think.

Thank You, River Island for sponsoring this post. 

1st outfit: Cozy and comfy for Fall

Camel faux fur trim parka | Cable knit sweaterMid blue Molly distressed frayed hem jeggings | Tan suede studded ankle western boots

For a comfortable and cozy look. Off the shoulder sweater and jeans jegging, pairing with tan ankle boots with studded details. And my favorite piece of them all is the faux fur trim parka. I swear I’m going to be living these boots and parka all the way through Spring. 

Outfit 2: Blue for the holiday

Blue floral puff sleeve bardot crop topBlue cord frill front mini skirt Black strappy rhinestone block heel sandals 

How cute is this outfit for GNO or office holiday party if you don’t want to wear red. I’m loving this floral bandeau top with puff sleeves with the ruffle skirt. Guys, I just die when I saw these block heeled sandals got rhinestones all over it. 

Outfit 3: Girly in pink culottes

Gold ombre glitter knot front pumpsPink check belted culottes | Cami (sold out) Similar | Teddy bear fur coat (sold out) similar 

Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. So, of course, I can’t put together an outfit without it. This high waisted pink plaid culotte material is thick enough to wear for the Fall and Winter. Here I’m paring it a cute white cami and a teddy bear faux fur coat. But yesterday I wore it with a cable knit sweater and a biker jacket and I love it too.

Outfit 4: Holiday look

Petite red bow tie sleeve shift dress (White, Burgundy, and Black)| Gold ombre glitter knot front pumps

Shift dress recent became one of my favorite dress to wear. Especially with all the eating that I’ve been doing. Of course, there will be lots of party and gathering, that just means more eating right? So this dress going to be in so much good use. Also, the tie bow details on the sleeves are super cute. Since this is my holiday look, I gotta have cute glitter shoes to go with it.

Camel faux fur trim parka | Mott & Bott Mid Rise Skinny – Orchard Medium Gray | Cable knit sweaterNike Air Max Motion Lightweight LW

Here’s another way that I styled the faux fur trim parka coat.

Ankle boots for Fall with Famous Footwear

Posted By: | October 30, 2017


G By Guess Ggtroye Anke boots in Expresso – Famous Footwear  | Albion Fit pullover (no longer available) similar here | Ripped skinny jeans (sold out) similar here | Chanel Classic flap bag

G By Guess Ggtroye Anke boots in Expresso – Famous Footwear  | Lace Trim satin cami (sold out) similar here | Cardigan similar here | Corduroy mini skirt here

Thank you, Famous Footwear for sponsoring this post.


Why ankle boots for the Fall?

If you followed me for awhile now, you should know I’m a shoe fanatic. And I don’t discriminate on any styles (boots, ankle boots, pumps, strappy sandals, flats, sneaker). What can I say I just love them all for different reasons. Anyone else is like me?

Today I’m going to share why I love wearing ankle boots during Fall. Especially here in San Francisco Bay area. Not sure if you’ve heard this, but Fall is one of the best time to visit San Francisco. Yes, it’s way better than cold summer SF, the weather is beyond beautiful in September and October. Most days are in the high 60s – high 70s degrees someday are up in the mid-80s degrees.

That means it still skirts season for me. And what’s better to wear with skirt during the Fall than ankle boots. For those days that I need to run around doing errands. I just throw on a pair of jeans and a light pullover sweater. Again a pair of ankle boots is the perfect pairing. Since it’s comfy and just looks so casual and cute with it. Famous Footwear got a great selection of boots, and you can find one for all occasions. Also, I love that Famous Footwear is empowering women everywhere to #stepforward confidently.


P.S. About the beautiful bouquet of flowers. I went to visit a friend at the hospital cause she just birth, so I figure might as well use her beautiful bouquet for some pics :-).


Here’s another look wear these super cute Nike sneakers that I found on Famous Footwear, that I think it’s perfect for Fall casual outfits.

Nike Women’s Air Max Motion LW sneakers (particle pink/white) from Famous Footwear | Fuzzy coat here | Similar camisole here | Ripped skinny jeans (sold out) similar here | Givenchy Antigona

Lets talk hair care with Style Edit

Posted By: | October 13, 2017

Style edit hair products: Root concealer for Brunettes |Root touch up for Brunettes

Thanks Style Edit for sponsoring this post.

Hi guys,

Lets talk a little about hair today, since I always get lots of questions about my hair from you guys.

First, let’s start with a little background about my hair. So I’ve been wearing extra long hair for a long period of time now. Well, I had short hair for only a year or two when I was in high school. Funny story: I got upset at my mom for not helping me with my hair cut, and the stubborn me decided to take scissors and chop it off myself. I know, I’m crazy and dramatic. But ever since then, I let my hair grow out and trimmed it once every 3-6 months or so. Also, when i was younger I went through a stage of dying my hair platinum blonde. It was really bad for my hair and the maintenance was too much. Therefore, I went back to my natural color. 

In recent years, I started to wear hair extensions whenever I wanted to have a fuller look. Usually I wear 22 inches in length to match with my hair. 

With many years of experience playing with my hair I have some tips that I can share with you guys. These are some products that I had been using for a while to keep my hair nice, and healthy. Not washing my hair daily, using coconut oil as deep conditioner, trying to find natural shampoo and conditioner.

 Also, recently I found Style Edit, a root concealer for brunettes. Its color adaptive pigments smoothly adhere to the hair fiber and self-adjust to perfectly match hair color, providing a lustrous, natural shine. This instant, temporary root touch-up spray covers gray roots or root regrowth, extending the life of color between salon visits. The unique pin point applicator targets the areas that need a temporary color boost. 

Click here to find a salon near you to purchase.



Sports Bra with Push up and Adjustable by Kissbobo

Posted By: | September 13, 2017
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps
kissbobo sports bra push up with adjustable straps

Thank you Kissbobo for sponsoring this post, and providing me with this amazing Yellow Cross back sports bra (here) | Victoria’s Secret leggings| Adidas original superstar sneakers

Hi guys,

It had been a while since i share a blog post. I had to take sometime off for a medical emergency. Thanks god everything is ok now, so i’m back!

A little about me, I haven’t share this but haven’t been active since I started working at the tech company about 2 and half year ago. But before I was quite active since my husband love to be outdoor.

Well about 7-8 years ago I ran my 1st 10K race without any training or experience, which was a mistake. I wore training shoes instead of running shoes, and didn’t have the right workout gear. Well I did finish the race but i couldn’t walk afterward. After all the complaining after the race that I’m in pain. My friends told me that I wore the wrong shoes and didn’t have the right sports bra. Well that was a painful lesson to learn. Now I know that if I want to do any out door activities. I will needs to get the right gears so my body won’t have to pay for it afterward :-).

Sports bar is definitely a must have, especially an affordable one. I found this Kissbobo cross back sports bra push up with adjustable straps. It not only look good but it have amazing support for my chest. I love the cross back detail and the push up to make your bust look so flattering. It come in 3 different colors, black, gray and yellow. Of course I got a yellow bra for myself, working out should also be fun and looking cute right? It’s also very affordable, $25 on Amazon.

Now it’s time for me to get back out there and be active again. Who’s with me? 

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